Friday, 23 October 2009


Hello beautiful ones,

Just a quick update with what's going on in Smoky Carrot's world at the moment.

SCR002 - RODEO MASSACRE - "Heartaches & Wonders"

This is being released on Monday 26th October! You can buy the single on 7" vinyl from all good independent retailers, through or at any of the band's upcoming shows. Consequently, the single launch party will be held on Wednesday 4th November at 229 Great Portland Street AND if you buy the vinyl at this gig you'll get a FREE Smoky Carrot Records/Rodeo Massacre goody bag!!! Lucky you! Also available via all digital stores (iTunes, Emusic etc) will be the 2 songs on vinyl plus an additional 2 more! And if you'd like to watch a video explaining all of this and to hear a sneak preview, see below:

SCR003 - JUNKSTAR - "Bluebottles - The Remixes"

This was released last Monday 16th October. The original "Bluebottles" track taken from their debut EP "Magazine" has been remixed by 3 different DJ's/producers to make an estatic collection of electro, house and trance remixes. This release is available as a digital download only and also features a video of the original track which can be seen below:

SCR004 - RODEO MASSACRE - "The Game"

This single song will be released 1 week after their EP on Monday 2nd November as a digital download only. This is being released due to the success of their latest video of the said tune. It was filmed for viral video website - and is a collection of over 1500 stills filmed in stop motion style - it is a masterpiece!!! See below:

SCR005 - "ARTIST TO BE CONFIRMED" - sssshhh its a secret

We are all very excited about our 5th release on the label, although we can't disclose any information as of yet, what we can tell you is that it will be released in early 2010 and that this artist will completely blow you away......i give you my word....they are going to be a surefire hit!!

Well that's it for now, go buy some of our records and come to the launch party at 229 on 4th November. You'll get a hug if you do.

Love the whole SCR team xxxxx